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The 2nd Annual SWAT Tactical Demonstration & Public Training Event

The Teller County Sheriff’s Office – Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association (HDSA) has announced the 2nd annual fund-raising event August 11-12, 2012 at M-Lazy-C Ranch in Lake George, Colorado.


PRLog (Press Release) – May 15, 2012 – The second annual SWAT Emergency Response Team Tactical Demonstration & Public Training is being held to raise resources for the Teller County Emergency Response Team to attend the U.S. National SWAT Championship in Oklahoma, 14-20 October 2012.

The HDSA is planning this two day event in collaboration with the Teller County Sheriff’s Office. “After the great success in 2011 we thought this would be an excellent way to again raise resources for the emergency response team,” said John Eden, an HDSA member.

Based on feedback from participants last year HDSA organizers expanded the public education and training to a second day. “First day will still be a basic course while the second day will be more advanced skills training,” Eden said.

Event organizers plan to raise $15,000 with the two-day event. Last year $8,000 was raised.

Due to the nature of extremely violent criminals who carry assault type weapons today it’s necessary that ERT’s have the skills to protect citizens and enforce laws.

“Competitions like the U.S. National SWAT Championship provide realistic scenarios to enhance skills that can be used to save lives,” said Commander Les Lewis, Special Operations.

The local team finished 8th in 2011 out of a field of national and international teams. Lewis’s goal is to again break the top 10 this year.

“The competition has live-fire scenarios that test individual and team engagement skills,” Lewis said. “We will have an opportunity to demonstrate team communications, weapons skills and fitness while negotiating courses of fire in a safe manner,” he said.

Lewis’s 15 member ERT is tasked with day-to-day situations where quick solutions to difficult problems must be created.

“Even in Teller County, — let’s not forget the Texas 7 – we are in the age of extremely violent criminals who now carry assault type weapons. It is a necessity that units have specialized training in weapons and tactics,” Lewis said.

Individuals who register for the event will have the opportunity to participate in the following:


  • Take a concealed handgun Certification Class (or a Handgun refresher course)
  • Compete in realistic live fire scenarios designed to test your skills
  • Test your skills and abilities
  • Watch live fire demonstrations
  • Meet Tactical team members
  • Enjoy a M-Lazy-C Ranch BBQ and Awards

Advance Skills:

  • Additional individual training
  • Shooting through glass
  • Shooting inside and outside vehicles
  • Opportunity to shoot ERT weapons

Participants will receive a detailed event package with event and safety guidelines upon registration.

“Due to the scope of the event we will have limited participation,” said Lewis.

Participants are asked to bring a handgun and 150 rounds for each day.

RSVP at 791.304.5706

Business sponsorships are still available.

Since 1980 the M-Lazy-C Ranch has hosted various organizations with team building, corporate events, rodeos and action shooting programs. Find more at:

About TCHDSA: The Teller County Sheriff’s Office – Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association was started in January 2011 and consists of local business people who want to make a difference in the community by supporting those who serve through the Sheriff’s Office with augmentation, public education and fund raising responsibilities.